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Authors Note

If you found your way here, you've probably wandered in from AO3 by clicking the link on my author's note. Thank you so much for being interested enough in my fics that you wanted to see updates. Below you can find my social links, prompt info, and general info on my fics.


Join Me At: The Hanged Man

Although I did start this discord it's not for my "fans", but is a place for any 18+ DA fan to talk about and share their fanfic, find a beta, or offer to beta, or just ravenously consume as much fanfic as they possibly can. We welcome all readers, writers, and betas to join us!

We also welcome fanartists to join us for prompts, events, and inspiration.

Other Social Media

You can get updates about my fics by following me on any of the sites below. I'm not super active on social media, but I do try to post when I have a new fic or chapter. Links are listed in the most-to-least frequency of use.

Prompt Me

submit read on tumblr read on ao3

I'm open to receiving prompts for short fics and drabbles. Prompts can be centered around my existing fics or requests for something totally new! What I will write far outweighs what I won't. Please read the below items carefully.

I reserve the right to refuse any prompt which makes me uncomfortable.

Expicit prompts are posted directly to AO3, pillowfort, and dreamwidth only; non-explicit prompts are crossposted in full as long as the fic is under 1,000 words.

What I Write

  • Fandoms: Dragon Age! I could also write for: Castlevania (Netflix), Our Flag Means Death, Torchwood, and Doctor Who.
  • Ratings: Any
  • Ships: Primarily slash or het for Explicit, but I'm not opposed to attempting explicit femslash.

Absolutely No

General: Character/Reader (or Second Person), character bashing, non-canonical major character death, abuse (mental, emotional, or physical).

AUs: AUs where everyone is human or where there is no magic. Omegaverse.

Tropes: genderbending, racebending, mpreg, cheating, forced relationships (including coercion; arranged marriages are okay), forced pregnancy, anything that focuses too much on "breeding" as an ultimate goal.

Smut/Kinks: noncon (consensual non-consent okay), dubcon with alcohol/drug use (i.e. they get drunk and have sex without consent being established ahead of time. dub-con due to secrets/hidden identities is fine.), adult/minor, fisting, bodily waste products (blood play is fine), sounding, incest, humiliation (impact play or other punishments are okay, but verbal humiliation is not okay), ageplay (DD/lg), raceplay, A/B/O (knotting okay), tentacles, other monsters than those in my likes, oviposition, vore, bestiality

Ships: Colemance, Sera/Adaar, Sera/Lavellan.

Characters: (as a main focus) Aveline, Isabela.

How To Prompt

Submit to my tumblr ask by leaving me a message with:

Username to be tagged (tumblr/twitter/pillowfort) or gifted (AO3):
Preferred Rating:
Pairing: (if any)
Special Circumstances: (AU, Modern AU, None?)
Premise: (be as detailed or vague as you want but please no super complex storylines since I’m trying to contain it to one-shots)
Anon is always on so you can prompt me even if you don't have a tumblr account.